site de apost

site de apost
computerized database for tracking packaging materials and chemicals
automatic batch calculation
on-line storage of production specifications and procedures
perpetual inventory and gmp records

ph, viscosity, spectrophotometric and tlc instrumentation
moisture determination
volumetric titrations
formulation development and testing

compounding and blending
emulsion production up to 1,000 gallon batches
blending of liquids and suspensions to 2,500 gallon batches
bulk storage for surfactants, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl and sd alcohols
holding tanks for finished batches up to 5,000 gallons
homogenization, chilling and filtration equipment

fluidic controlled filling of glass or plastic containers from 1 ounce to gallons
volumetric filling from fractional ounces to quarts
plastic, laminated and metal tubes
gravity/pressure filling, including sprinkler necks
in-line automatic check weighing
automatic capping equipment (up to 200 containers per minute)

labeling and decorating
front/back labeling, cut and stacked labels
high-speed spot labeling
high-speed wraparound labeling
stepper-controlled pressure sensitive labeling
in-house silk screen decorating
fully automated heat-shrink labeling and banding
semi-automatic labeling for small runs

tamper-evident packaging
heat shrinkable neck bands
induction sealed cap liners
shrink wrapping

in-line flexo bottom coding
label imprinting
carton debossing
non-contact ink-jet coding

packing and distribution
blister packing
automatic cartoning
automatic casing
drop shipping

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ecometics utilizes stainless steel equipment throughout the manufacturing process, with capacities up to 2500 gallons per batch.

our steam-jacketed kettles, with automatic temperature and speed controls, are equipped with sweep or counter-rotating scraper agitators to assure proper blending of virtually any emulsion. tilting kettles make possible the manufacture of extremely viscous products. batches up to 1000 gallons may be homogenized.

reactor vessels of 316 stainless steel are used to manufacture heated fragrance products which are easily dissipated, and products such as hair dyes and straighteners which require an inert atmosphere. load-cells insure precise weight.

all perfume products are chilled and pressure filtered to assure absolute clarity and long shelf life.